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the global pandemic led many brands to re-evaluate their operating models as well as current and future advertising and marketing strategies. in an attempt to increase brand salience amidst the pandemic, many brands are focussing on customer retention in their advertising and promotional efforts with the aim of convincing existing customers it’s safe to come back and interact with the brands they already love. to demonstrate this, yougov has examined data on the fast-food sector in the uae to better understand the fast-food customer audience and identify where these brands should focus their communication efforts in 2021. to begin with, yougov’s brand engagement framework looks at affinity towards the brand and segments the audience by customer status vs this affinity. yougov profiles allows one to identify, define and target this audience like never before.

compared to those who are already customers of fast-food brands with a positive impression (protect group), the convince audience group is more likely to say their eating behaviour has changed due to the pandemic. their enthusiasm for live sports and the likely influence of sports on their purchase decision serves as an opportunity for brands to catch their attention and engage them. in general, a data-backed approach helps brands tailor messages and relay them at the right time to build relationships with each individual target audience: win new customers, re-engage former ones and remain relevant to current buyers. a critical review and synthesis of research on advertising in a recession.

yougov plc is a market research agency company. its suite of products consists of yougov brandindex, yougov reports, and yougov profiles. other services offered are yougov omnibus service and custom research by sector specialists. segments in which the company operates include data products, data services, and custom research. revenues are generated from market research services, syndicated services, non-syndicated services, and media buying. geographically, it derives a majority of revenue from the united states. pitchbook’s comparison feature gives you a side-by-side look at key metrics for similar companies. personalize which data points you want to see and create visualizations instantly. © 2022 pitchbook data. all rights reserved. pitchbook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets.

yougov profiles is an ever-growing source of living consumer data, with 2 million+ data variables from yougov’s 17 million+ global panel members in 49 explore what america thinks with yougov’s popularity rankings, articles and survey results on profiles. yougov is an international research, data and analytics group, providing highest quality brand tracking, brand health analysis, audience profiling,, yougov brandindex, yougov brandindex, yougov surveys, is yougov reliable, yougov company.

we will use this data to log you into your account. you can read about how we use your personal data in our privacy and cookies notice. not a customer? yougov profiles gives marketers a richer. more detailed portrait of profiles collects and connects data on brand usage, brand perception and brand polling company yougov has launched a new tool called profiles, which reveals insights into ‘typical’ fans of everyone from one direction to alfie boe., yougov america, yougov international, yougov wiki, yougov logo.

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