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the only way to build a complete buyer persona is to combine relevant demographic and psychographic information with an understanding of what makes your target customers buy. if a company that sells fishing gear online discovered their average customers are men who score low in extroversion (meaning they’re mostly introverted), they might want to include images of men fishing alone, enjoying peace and solitude, on their promotional materials. but these could just as easily lead you astray if they are inconsistent attributes for your buyers, or irrelevant to the products and services you are marketing. focus groups are great when you want to expose your product or campaign to a target group of customers and see/hear their reactions.

surveys are a great way to gain confidence in the results of your interviews and get a deeper insight into what is most or least important to buyers. ask the buyer to clarify, elaborate, and dive deeper as they walk you through every step of their buying journey. if your ideal customers don’t care, you’ve got to drop that selling point and focus on the messaging that works. creating fully fleshed-out buyer personas can take your messaging and your sales to the next level. the good news is that there is a simple way to find out if that’s the case with your business: all you have to do is ask your visitors and customers how much effort they have to put into doing business with you.

for example, to monitor the sleep habits of people, a sleep survey is conducted. a product/service based organization has to keep its customers in mind as these products are created for the customers’ consumption. there are five psychographic segmentation variables on the basis of which homogeneous segments can be prepared for proper research –  personality, lifestyle, social status, aio (activities, interests, opinions), and attitudes. for businesses to develop products that add value to customers based on their habitual needs – is key towards creating a successful product/service an organization can use this psychographic segmentation variable to develop products according to most of the customers’ personalities which can help in boosting sales.

likes or dislikes, and which in turn will help in building a brand that develops shoes for every market segment on the basis of lifestyle. activities, interests, and opinions: this psychographic segmentation is based on what activities are the customers inclined towards, which topics are they enthusiastically interested in or what are their opinions about specific matters. groups are created by dividing customers on the basis of thoughts and attitudes. a marketer has to keep these points in mind while deciding the target market for an upcoming product feature or a new product.

5 examples of psychographic characteristics 1. personalities 2. lifestyles 3. interests 4. opinions, attitudes, and beliefs 5. values. examples of such traits are social status, daily activities, food habits, and opinions of certain subjects. for example, to monitor the sleep habits of people, examples of psychographic marketing 1. twitter 2. facebook 3. instagram 4. youtube 5. retargeting campaigns 6. homepage 7. product, psychographics, psychographics, psychographic segmentation example, psychographic target market, psychographic questions.

6 psychographics examples 1. lifestyle 2. interests 3. personality 4. values 5. attitudes, beliefs, opinions 6. social status. let’s look at an example of a well-rounded buyer persona for a natural supplement company. demographic profile:. demographic profile, psychographic profile. female, enjoys healthy living. age 25-45, lacks time to herself. married, enjoys netflix box sets., demographics and psychographics, psychographic segmentation example mcdonald’s. what are examples of psychographics? what is a psychographic profile? what is starbucks psychographic? how do you make psychographics?

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