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the good news is that there’s a bevy of tools to help your online shop be a success. the owner had a real love for root beer and was able to bring a level of expertise to his shop that others couldn’t. in a matter of seconds, the payment processor communicates between you and the bank to ensure there are enough funds to make the purchase. [read related article: a small business guide to e-commerce shipping] you can have the best e-commerce website in the world but if nobody knows about it, its worthless. “once you’re a small business and have a unique set of products you want to sell online, you can pick an e-commerce platform.”

an e-commerce platform is suited for businesses that want to get online quickly. from creating an appealing online store to running your social media marketing, bigcommerce is another leading platform for online selling. established merchants who want a full-featured online store that can be set up in a hurry turn to e-commerce platforms like shopify and bigcommerce. when you set up your store on the internet, you don’t have to worry about a landlord or electric bill. when you sell online, your margins tend to improve as the cost of doing business is lower.

that is why it is crucial for retailers to have a detailed understanding of their online shopper profile. many experts believe that the future of online commerce is in china. the online shopper profile differs from offline in various ways. consumers between 18 and 33 years of age (millennials) are the key age group for online commerce. furthermore, those aged between 18 and 24, spend the highest share of their income online.

the so-called “silver surfers” (age 65+) account for only 2%. online purchases on a mobile device have been growing every year. also, mobile devices affect the in-store experience, before and during in-store purchase. but retailers have to understand that almost 2/3 of mobile shoppers use their devices while they are in the store to look for discounts and better prices at competitors. one of the key points of the online shopper profile is that at the beginning of 2016, 53% of mobile users have purchased products on their mobile devices. the split of mobile operating systems used to make an online purchase is almost equal: ipad – 36%, iphone – 36%,  android – 28% (bizrate insights’ updates).

selling online is more than setting up a website and uploading product images; it requires passion, expertise, and marketing chops to succeed. show some personality. compose the profile in a tone that jives with the industry your company is in. if you are selling hip new products, aim for an edgy tone. the online shopper profile differs from offline in various ways. unlike physical retail stores, men are purchasing online almost as much as, .

selling through the facebook marketplace only requires a personal account. click create a page and set up a new business page for a selling profile people don’t buy from brands — they buy from people. your social profile should be professional, yes, but also personal. be authentic, don’t be to start selling on your own ecommerce store, the first step is to create an account. each of the rated platforms offer a free trial period, so, . how do you create an online business profile? what should i write for my online business? how do beginners sell online? what are the steps of online selling? what is e-commerce profile? is online selling profitable? why did you choose online selling? what is a good online selling platform?

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