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the colors, font, format are all customizable to your liking, and you even get live feedback on how to fill in your resume. the black and blue is a needed change from the black and white employers are used to, while still keeping you professional. it’s well organized and the design doesn’t overdo it with the playfulness. and on top of that, this template is contemporary and visually appealing as well. the color makes it stand out and adds a touch of personality. a basic black and white resume on times new roman is not going to make you stand out from the crowd or benefit your job application. it is perfect if you have a lot of professional background since it creates plenty of space in the experience section that allows you to display all of your employment entries.

the cherry on top: it comes with a bonus word cover letter template. just fill in the blanks and send it in. finish with a professional photo on top of the resume, and you’ll be set for success. this word template uses a bright yellow as a leading color, making sure that your resume really stands out from the bunch. extra tip: you can choose to change the big “education” banner on the bottom to a “skills” section if you think they should take priority. the google docs template uses a strong shade of blue and aesthetic visualizations to highlight each header and section. the “modern writer” is unique since it has a classy font and a showy pop of pink color.

want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? we made our “cascade” one page resume template to make fitting all your relevant information into a single page easy. double-check if a single page template is right for you with this guide: how long should a resume be? how to make it a single page [+tips] another beautiful template for a 1 page resume you can download and use right away. a ramirez de freitas’s “simple resume template” is the first free one page resume template for ms word on our list. our “muse” template has got the right balance between a typical, formal one page resume template and a sprinkle of creativity.

start building a professional resume template here for free. a cool resume template to show that less can be more. primo uses two columns to save space and let you make a one page resume without any effort. 16 creative resume templates you have to see last one on our list, le colibri creations’ “emma” 1 page resume template is both modern and modest. when is a second page ok, and when will it help you get more interviews? read our guide and learn two-page resume formatting tips that will impress the employer. *the names and logos of the companies referred to above are all trademarks of their respective holders.

in this article, we’re going to cover 20+ of the best one-page resume templates for all career stages and preferences. and you know what’s the best part? struggling to fit your resume on one page? check out our list of the best 1-page resume templates that’ll let you put all your important information on a featuring a colorful skills section and information-heavy header, this professional one page resume template is ideal for candidates in, .

a one-page resume presents a brief picture of your best qualifications by including your most recent accomplishments and only listing skills these single-page resume templates are the ideal way to show off your career at-a-glance for busy hiring managers and recruiters. luke is another minimalist, timeline-driven resume that you can use to craft the story of your past job experience. the bold design and use of, .

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