millennial persona profile

when in doubt, think of millennials as the kids who came to age during the internet boom. given that millennials represent such a diverse demographic, it’s important not to over simplify or generalize their wants and expectations. it’s no secret that millennials avoid old-school ad formats and are skeptical of advertising in general. case-in-point, the majority of millennials are open to ads that feature influencers and digital stars that they know and trust. millennials love to share their latest purchases and likewise rely on friends and family to keep them in the loop on product recommendations. in other words, companies marketing to millennials shouldn’t shy away from social issues including sustainability and diversity.

patagonia is a brand who has historically pushed their values to the forefront of their business, and built a lot of brand advocacy because of it. for example, this self-aware video ad from sodastream is bizarre but represents the exact sort of oddball comedy that millennials dig. for example, this video ad from mint uses animation to tackle both daunting and touchy subject of debt. this ad’s combination of animation, music, and frequent cuts is exactly the mix of marketing and entertainment that millennials respond to. here target is able to highlight both personal stories and the fact that their company values inclusiveness. the inclusion of behind-the-scenes footage and personal photos is a nice touch, too. these types of simple ads are surprisingly effective as they manage to showcase an experience first and foremost.

we took the data from our consumer polls, organized it in a spreadsheet, and created personas to help break down what we’ve been seeing. i preferred buying things like jewelry and accessories in person to get the experience of trying them out, but even that has been moved online. for example, check out how klaviyo customer brand youth to the people is engaging customers and adding value with personalized consultations. male gen xers: my wife and i are expecting a baby in 5-7 weeks, so you could say we need to make some big purchases for the baby, because it’s coming no matter what! with a bit of empathy, your content can help them formulate a plan for when they are ready to complete that purchase.

this has led to me trying a new brand because i could buy it straight from their website and they had free shipping. i’m more attracted to the direct-to-consumer brands because they’re more invested in the shipping and i know i can talk to someone if there’s a problem. it may take more resources or money to make the situation right for a customer who is inconvenienced, but it could benefit your brand in the long run. i understand they are not trying to be tone-deaf during this time, but i personally don’t care if my hair product company is doing a lot for coronavirus. on that note, we’re working hard on a new klaviyo community forum to help our users connect and keep learning together.

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in order to understand more about their experiences, we’re looking at three key persona groups: female millennials without kids, male gen based on the increasing interest to capture the attention of millennials, the millennial personas were created. the generic millennial customer do you know the potential of your best customers? chances are some of your target customer profiles fall into the generation z or millennial consumer groups, types of millennials, millennials interests, what do millennials value, six types of millennials. what is the persona of a millennial? how do you create a persona profile? what are the different types of millennials? what is an example of a persona?

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