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although educational requirements for an administrative manager career depend on the organization or business employing them, the minimum requirements include a high school diploma and related work experience. a master of business administration degree or an advanced degree in a related field increases career advancement opportunities. both a compensation manager career and a benefits manager career typically begin with at least a bachelor’s degree, such as a bachelor of human resources, bachelor of business administration, bachelor of business management or a degree in a related field such as finance. a computer and information systems manager career typically begins with a bachelor of computer science degree or a bachelor of information science degree. a computer and information systems manager career includes evaluating the cost and benefits of a new project in order to justify the expense of a new project to top executives. a project engineering manager career includes organizing and directing the design of various machinery and equipment and formulating specific plans to reach certain engineering goals. financial managers coordinate financial plans and strategies to help direct and maintain the overall health of a specific company or organization. human resources managers typically need a bachelor in human resources or a bachelor in business administration to begin a human resources management career. typically, people interested in an industrial production manager career need to have a bachelor’s degree in an area such as business administration and two to five years of work experience to begin working in management.

typically, people interested in a lodging manager career need a high school diploma and many years of experience working in a hotel or in a relevant setting. a hotel management career includes tracking all financial aspects of the lodging facility and making sure every lodging detail is up to codes and standards. depending on the problem, management analysts may work alone or with a team of analysts and consultants, each specializing in a different area. natural sciences managers need to understand all of the work their staff provides in order to provide training and assistance when necessary. a postsecondary education administrator career may also include preparing the promotional materials for new and prospective students and frequently working with the financial aid department. a property management career, real estate management career, or community association management career may technically begin with a high school diploma, although it’s not uncommon for these managers to obtain vocational training or a bachelor or master of business administration, accounting, finance, real estate management, or public administration. a property manager career and a real estate manager career include overseeing operations of income-producing commercial or residential properties. find the best school for you: the 20 best online associate in management programs the 50 best online master’s in management the 20 best online associate of business administration degree programs the 25 best online bachelor in business administration degree programs a sales manager career is not for the weak-willed or those only partially dedicated to their job. both a social service manager career and a community service manager career include finding ways of collecting data on their programs to analyze the effectiveness of it. obtaining certifications, attending training programs, and attending executive development programs all help the chances of advancement to a top executive career.

lower managers may provide direct supervision for their team and work to manage a particular task and accomplish departmental goals. these managers work on developing a company’s initial technology infrastructure, coordinate software updates and maintain business technology. a construction manager should know all industry standards and regulations and work to meet the design specifications for each project.

these managers are generalists and should be comfortable working with all areas of a business to coordinate operations. they maintain a current knowledge of the latest laws, regulations and technologies that apply to healthcare practitioners. training and development managers work with new and existing employees and often work as part of the human resources department. top executives define goals for the departments they manage, implement strategies for each department to reach those goals, assign department leads to execute strategies and assess the effectiveness of these business plans for reaching company objectives.

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