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poor performance at work could be due to a lack of ability or motivation, or both. there may well be a hidden reason behind their failure to deliver and lack of motivation. they may have a problem in their health or personal life that is causing them difficulty in focusing and being effective in performing their tasks. or maybe it is less conscious: the hard-working employee who has become cynical and always sees the negative in every interaction or proposal. a bad attitude and negative behavior disrupt the whole team and affect employee performance. sometimes employees undermine leaders because they have a perspective the manager can’t see. in other cases, the employee’s disruptive behavior may be a deliberate attempt to undermine you. the objective is to find a way to stop your colleague’s unacceptable behavior and help correct behaviors that make working with them unnecessarily difficult.

start by bringing it to their attention in a non-confrontational way. the reasons behind an employee’s behavior are unique to each person. sometimes a difficult person just needs someone to listen and understand them. once you have established your employee’s action plan, the next step is to monitor their progress. at the end of the agreed period, use the reports to evaluate their success. as a manager, it’s essential to stay calm and avoid judgments or criticisms. you should get to the bottom of the cause of their behavior before taking drastic action. this means they can advise you on how to handle a difficult conversation with your employee. model the values and company culture that you wish to see in your colleagues.

focus on finding the right fit between an employee’s strengths and the job they’re expected to perform. once you get down to the basic problems and what may be causing them, then you can work to resolve those issues. remind the employee that a part of their job performance is measured by how well they contribute to the organization’s success. the best possible outcome is to manage the employee in a way where they become more productive and exceed expectations.

if the employee lacks passion or interest in their current role, try exploring some options of transferring them to another role that would be a better fit for everyone. outlining this can help them prioritize and understand that excuses or blame are not acceptable for the tasks they are accountable for, and creates an easy way to follow up in a few weeks and recognize whether or not the problem was resolved. the downer is an employee that seems to always cast a shadow of negativity or approach their work with pessimism. start by letting them know that you see a change in attitude, and that it’s having a negative effect on the team. however, funding employee benefits has proven to be a complex and high-risk task, download the pdf in the age of covid-19, the workplace looks very different for millions of people across the globe.

dealing with difficult employees: a practical guide 1. critique behavior, not people 2. identify the causes of the problem 3. be open to first, some general tips for managing difficult employees: learn their strengths identify the problems, don’t assume stay calm, show respect. there’s a difference between a difficult employee and a toxic one, says dylan minor, an assistant professor at the kellogg school of, dealing with employees who want to run the show, high performing toxic employee, high performing toxic employee, 7 most challenging employee types, toxic employees effect on others.

dealing with difficult employees: a 5-step plan 1. don’t ignore the problem 2. de-personalize the conversation 3. don’t make assumptions 4. the key to managing difficult or disruptive employees is to distinguish the person from his or her behaviors. talk to the employee about the behaviors being the best thing you can do is listen. set up a time to speak with the associate. ask why she’s frustrated. when did it begin? how did it get to this point? speak, . how do you deal with a difficult employee? what are the signs of a troubled employee? who is a difficult employee? what are the various categories of difficult employees?

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