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no, it wasn’t rough to recruit in the area. the challenge then? ekr created an integrated marketing and social media campaign that drives the right kind of local talent to netflix cs. netflix cs is choosy about who they hire. still, these potential candidates needed to be humanized into personas before developing messages that connect. after getting inside a lot of heads, we brought the netflix cs candidate persona to life. keeps a cool head. now to connect with those who wanted a netflix career doing what they love. as an integrated campaign, our content strategy team created a plan to connect the whole story—billboards, social, website landing pages, all with a unified and deliberate goal to get the right candidates in the door. but that’s what they got with the old netflix cs site.

our charge was to make the site more inviting for users. exploring modern animations and user-centric design, we created a simple interface and experience for the netflix cs website. not corporate. all in all, we put the finishing touches of the campaign and added something new to the netflix brand, a great example of how small pivots within larger parent brands can influence progress without breaking things. a new start for netflix cs, but not so much for the netflix brand. our social strategy aimed to engage a more finite demographic at the county level. and encourage social sharing that drove interested, more qualified candidates to the newly developed netflix cs website. our media buying included pay-per-click advertising but weighted more heavily on instagram and facebook advertising. time for the ads to hit the screen. our copywriters and designers extended the branding and strategy into engaging, well-executed visual ads. so successful that netflix has invited us to help out in the local markets of several international offices.

yet what’s little known is that netflix appeals to viewers not just by suggesting titles, but by showing each subscriber different cover art of the same title that are most likely to appeal to them. to build loyalty, retailers need customer personas that reflect their customers on a more granular level and relate to their personal goals. fortunately, there are now ways to extend such qualitative personas with quantitative methods that use machine learning to relate to the specific beliefs and needs of individual customers. when combined, it’s now possible to discover sophisticated personas that can help retailers meet individual customer needs as they arise.

campaigns can be created for individual segments that target customers based on time of year, a particular holiday, as well as demographics. just as one netflix customer will see a different version of cover art than another, so too can one retail customer interested in a product see a different offer than another. if a retailer knows a particular customer in a sporting goods store looking for running shoes actually runs marathons, other products and services — or experiences — could be offered during that person’s in-store or web visit that would appeal to them. personas should be dynamic, shifting with societal conditions and be flexible enough to be updated on the fly in response to the latest internet meme. suman mahalanabis is director of product management, digital software and solutions group at tata consultancy services, an it services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with the world’s largest businesses in their transformation journeys for the last 50 years.

view netflix buyer persona presentation.pptx from marketing 301 at kozminski university. buyer persona: a netflix’ segment movie buffs example: mikołaj netflix cs is choosy about who they hire. through research and targeting workshops, we distilled what we learned into extremely targeted personas—their buyer persona netflix. watch later. share. copy link. info, .

discovering personas in data invites tantalizing possibilities to move closer to the netflix model of bespoke customer experiences. campaigns create a complete profile of your target customer using these buyer persona examples. know their needs and craft a marketing strategy that speaks to them. netflix is famous for keeping its viewership statistics secret. related: now that you’ve created your buyer personas, here’s how to, . what is buyer’s persona? who is the target audience for netflix? how do you write a buyer persona? what are the 4 personas?

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