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this is a brand that was founded by a man with passion and a determined attitude, but also one who has had his fair share of adversity and is ultimately totally approachable. so what he’s managed to do is bring personality to the brand – if you like, he’s created a twin for himself in the form of a clothing company. now, i’m a great advocate for the outsider – getting an external view on your brand and strategy from time to time is priceless. you might find out that john down in the warehouse is a wizard with words and could write some cracking copy for your next campaign! but if you send your audience an uncomplicated, well-done piece of print they will recognise that you value them as a customer and really do want to engage them.

it really is so essential to know who your target audience is and focus on just one or two key industries (or groups of people, depending on your business model). you know that notorious flat-line bit in the product lifecycle where your market is saturated, getting a bit stagnant and could start to nosedive? it doesn’t need to be tongue-in-cheek like boden but you have to make sure that your brand has a story and a character of its own; look in-house first. but honestly, it’s a wonderful conversation starter and will give you the edge over a lot of your competition. maybe you own or manage a brand and want to share your story.

these are not necessarily the attributes one might expect a business owner – especially one of the country’s foremost entrepreneurs – to admit, but it is a formula that works for boden, who set up his business in 1991 with a clear ambition to disrupt the market and bring high-end catalogue clothing to the uk. to cement the long-term stability of the brand, boden says it is important to “clarify what the business stands for and not think too much about channel, as you need to be in all channels”. “they are more formal, they dress up for social activities and in the summer they go to ‘the [country] club’, so they wear a lot more dresses,” he says.

in the past, critics have accused the brand of being “middle-aged” and even “smug” and although boden takes on the criticism, he is unwavering in his vision for the brand. i don’t know.” boden, is very open and honest about a lot of things, none more so than the admission that he is a “rubbish manager” – perhaps to be taken with a pinch of salt, given the company’s consistent ability to grow sales. learning to let go and delegate is one of the most important lessons boden says he has learnt over the past 20 years. brand marketing creates more financial value than short-term performance marketing – the sooner b2b marketers flip their perspective and start allocating budgets accordingly, the better it will be for everyone in b2b.

boden have a target audience of customers between 25 to 50. they also have a ‘bulls-eye’ target of a 35-year-old woman who typically has boden’s core customer tends to be women over 30 with a household income of more than £70,000, “who want a bit of fashion but are not obsessed with it and above boden has names for his target buyers – kate and james richmond (the über-boden borough) – and he rattles off their consumer profile. “they are, boden uk, boden uk, who owns boden.

johnnie launched boden with a hand-drawn catalogue featuring eight menswear styles he wanted in his own wardrobe (and wanted to order from his armchair). the brand targets customers aged from 25 to 50, but what boden calls the “bulls-eye” is the 35-year-old woman who typically has children, and boden shall not be liable for any consequential customer loss whether this arises from a breach of duty in contract or in any other way. boden cannot accept any, . who is boden target market? who is the boden customer? what age group is boden for? what is boden known for?

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